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[HOW TO] Install/Play on UOD

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  • [HOW TO] Install/Play on UOD

    How to play on UODreams with Samurai Empire (and AOS as well but you can't craft new items):

    1) Install the game
    2) Launch UO.exe in the directory where you installed the game (for SE = C:/Program Files/EA GAMES/Ultima Online Samurai Empire for AOS = C:/Program Files/Ultima Online 2D)
    3) The client will update to the last version 4.0.7b (at the moment...)
    4) Now open the file Login.cfg in your UO directory, erase everything and copy/past this:
    ;Ultima Online Dreams (,2593,2593
    5) Install Razor (I think is the most used "assistant" program)

    quote: Originally posted by mortti
    Or use uogateway
    to easily connect to a shard.

    Skip the intro
    Delete (or just rename) the .bik files in the "music" directory where the game were installed.

    If the "updating step" went wrong
    a) Uninstall the game
    b) Delete the WHOLE directory in which it was installed (such as C:/Program Files/EA GAMES/Ultima Online Samurai Empire)
    c) Go to step 1)

    If you really can't update
    Maybe you have a beta version of SE. Try to buy the final version.
    Be careful: Never ask in forum where you can download it, because there aren't free version.

    If you see naked pgs or you can't see new items
    Your client is too old! Go to step 2)

    If you can't join UOD
    Usually the problem is that everything seems going well, that it was succesfully logged in, but the game window doesn't appear.
    Well...Your client is too old! Go to step 2)

    If you have lag problem with the last version of the client
    Usually pgs is stopped every 3 tiles...
    Go HERE and download the oldest client 4.0.5a or b (try them all and choose the one you think it's better)
    Rename client.exe in the installation directory in, for example, LASTclient.exe. Now copy in the same directory the oldest client and rename the one you choose in client.exe

    Edited to say you: Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Edit by Antares
    If you are sure that you have done all the passages above but you still have problems, you can follow this method posted by DanRose:

    If the autopatch process stops at 4.0.0, maybe you have a spyware on your pc.
    Download and install Hijackthis (it's freeware), run the program and do a sistem scan.
    Then check if you have a string with "ModName: hyperbarss3.dll", and fix it.
    The whole string should be something like this:
    "R3 - URLSearchHook: HyperSearchHook - {1D5D986F-2529-41BD-9B1D-AC6DA3DDC374} - H:\Programmi\File comuni\Hyperbar\HyperbarSS3.dll "

    Do not delete any other voice that will appear after the scan, unless you are REALLY SURE that you can delete it/them safely.
    If you fix a wrong string, your pc could stop working!
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