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  • General Information

    Thanks to Chanel for the translation

    FORUM rules

    Knowing and following these simple rules is essential to make this forum work well. They can often save a lot of time, especially for yourself.

    The members must try to respect the following:

    1. It is FORBIDDEN to swear or to use inappropriate language that may offend other members of the forum.
    2. It is generally FORBIDDEN to advertise (positively or negatively) other portals of NetGaming and/or services equivalent to those offered my GamesNet.
    3. It is generally FORBIDDEN to reply OFF TOPIC.
    4. It is FORBIDDEN to SPAM or to reply creating FLAMES.
    5. ONLY ONE (1) picture MAY be used in the signature, the maximum size is 60000 pixel (300x200, 200x300, 100x400 etc...).
    6. It is generally FORBIDDEN to use vulgar or inappropriate pictures. Penalty: EDIT of the ACCOUNT profile. It is also FORBIDDEN, in the signature, to use words or phrases that may offend other members.
    7. One or more phrases MAY be used in the signature, the total must NOT exceed the MAXIMUM limit of 6 LINES (standard character). The lines written MAY NOT have blank lines between them, this is to avoid signatures of an exagerated length. As a penalty of breaking rules 5,6 and 7, the ACCOUNT profile will be edited.
    8. It is FORBIDDEN to start TOPICS which are more appropriate in other FORUMS. THESE TOPICS will be moved into their appropriate forum.
    9. It is RECOMMENDED to write in LOWER CASE, writing in upper case is defined “SHOUTING”.
    10. It is RECOMMENDED that when quoting, the parts that are not relative to the answer should be removed.
    11. Do not post empty or useless messages (SPAM).
    12. Always respect the ideas, opinions, religion etc.. different from your own.
    13. Before posting about a subject it is recommended to read the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

    How to play

    How to play
    Problem solving

    Age of Shadows

    For those who have not yet obtained a copy, and have a relatively fast internet connection (about 600 MB to download), Age Of Shadows can be downloaded free. This is the latest version of Ultima Online which allows you to play in 2d or 3d, have all the graphics and all the maps.
    LINK (it is written DEMO but works fine on Ultima Online Dreams)

    External programs

    On the UODreams website you will find the descriptions of the main external programs for Ultima Online.

    External programs:

    UO AutoMap
    Team Speak

    Automatic reboot

    The UODreams server reboots every day automatically at about 5:30 am (CET)

    PK’s life

    After 5 kills your character becomes RED.
    RED characters can only play on Felucca.
    To lose 1 kill 40 gametime hours must pass.

    Purge account for inactivity

    The gul base accounts that aren’t used for 2 or more months may be deleted. The deletion of the account will result in the loss of the house and of all the characters, losing also the age of the base and premium account.

    If you know someone who hasn’t played for a while maybe remino them that they may risk losing their account.

    Notes on the use of the account.

    Remember that the UODreams accounts are the same ones as the GamesNet ones, therefore the same contract must be respected also here.

    In paricular:
    • It is forbidden to have double accounts
    • Accounts may not be transferred.

    Notes on the password.

    Members are invited to use alphanumeric passwords without a logical meaning and with a number of characters between 8 and 16. This is to avoid account hacking to which the UOD staff does not assume responsability.

    In game rules.

    Quest rules

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    To support the shard

    The shard is free but as you surely know everything in life has a price, therefore who wishes to support the shard economically may do so by becoming Premium.

    Premium is a GamesNet service divided into the following categories:

    • 18 euro for 3 months Premium ( 6 euro / month )
    • 30 euro for 6 months Premium ( 5 euro / month )
    • 48 euro for 12 months Premium ( 4 euro / month )

    1) E-Mail Gamesnet.It of 10Mb
    2) Host service LEVEL 2 free
    3) No POPUPS/POPUNDERS of external advertising on the sites and forums
    4) Free access to NEW Premium games
    5) Free access to Premium forums
    6) Discounts and special offers on objects for sale from the GN-SHOP
    7) Premium sticker on top of the avatar in the forums
    8) Advantages in the game servers with PREMIUM BONUS
    9) Write via WEB in the NEWSGROUP supported by GN
    10) Possibility to have a private and a public forum

    COST: From €4.00/month GST Included.

    See the premium offer.

    Ultima Online Dreams offer PREMIUM BONUS which are described What is Premium which consist of:

    • Hooded Shroud of Shadow
    Advanced characters
    Premium Veteran Rewards

    Notes on how PREMIUM works

    When the game recognizes the “premium” a new counter starts… “premium age” which counts the premium days in game and this allows you to receive various prizes.

    This means that if you subscribe to premium for a year, the only thing that you receive when it is activate will be the Hooded Shroud of Shadows and the possibility to create the advanced character. After 120 days you may choose the first Premium Veteran Rewards.

    At the end of the premium period if it is not renewed NOTHING DISAPPEARS (you may keep your advanced character and all the prizes you have received and you may keep the premium days on the counter) If you renew you will not have the possibility to have another hooded or an advanced character as, obviously, having already been premium these prizes have already been claimed (but to make up for this, the counter of premium days will go ahead from where it had stopped.)

    Premium accounts are not affected by the automatic purge. While normal gul accounts are cancelled after 2 months of inactivety, premium accounts have to first finish their premium period (and return to normal gul accounts). 2 months later they will be deleted if still inactive. [If the account is deleted everyting will be lost, even the counter of premium days.]

    How to get the advanced character.

    Follow these steps to get the advanced character:
    • Create a new character.
    • Go to the Advanced character page.
    • Be sure to have logged on to the website
    • At this point if you have the possibility to make an advanced character at the end of the page you will find the link Get you advanced chacter!
    • In the following pages you may select the type of character you wish to make and which charter you wish to activate it on. (this will reset all the skills and stats of the character.)


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      Disabling Origin and EA logos when starting

      Originally posted by MiKeLezZ

      Go to the “Ultima online” folder, open the “music” folder and delete (or rename) the 3 .bik files

      Do you like the shard? Vote for us!


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      Ultima Online Top Shards - TopShards

      Code to add this to your signature:

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      Problems with the forum?

      If you would like to know the reason or the length of time of your spammer, mad spammer sticker or of the sospension contact me with a PM or ICQ. (If I’ve forgotten to remove it remind me and I will remove it as soon as possible.)

      Edit: It would be better if you contact me on

      IRC not official of UOD

      quote: Originally posted by NjAlucard

      I would like to remind all of you that there is an IRC channel for UODreams… here’s a small FAQ hoping that a lot of you will join us:
      “What is IRC?”
      IRC is a network used for chatting o swapping files. Clients or sites are used to connect to this network.

      “How does it work?”
      There are a lot of different servers, the ones that are used most by Italians are IRCnet and Azzurra [where the UOD channel is]. Once the client [which can be downloaded from] has been opened, it can be connected to the server, and then to the channel that you wish to join.

      “I’ve downloaded mirc but I don’t understand anything!”
      At the top of the IRC client there are various options, cliccking on “file” then “options” or “settings” nickname, colors etc can be changed. There will also be a window (usually on the left) called “status”, where you can conect to the server by typing /server then entering the server address and then /j (or join) #<channel name> that you wish to join.

      “It’s too complicated…”
      You’ll learn … if it is too complicated use this link AZZURRA CHAT all you have to do is enter your nickname and name of the channel!!

      “I’ve configured IRC, what is the address?”
      To get to the UODreams channel the address is (.net and .it also work fine) the channel is #UODreams

      Hope to chat with you soon ^_^


      Members are invited to use alphanumeric passwords without a logical meaning and with a number of characters between 8 and 16. This is to avoid account hacking to which the UOD staff does not assume responsability.

      Please do NOT give your password to anyone, brothers, sisters and relatives included.

      You are invited to not give to any member of the staff your password, not even in pages from the website. The staff members do NOT need your password.. keep this in mind.

      Please do NOT use passwords that are the same as the account name avoid, for example account name : Cicciobello => password:cicciobello

      The staff thanks you for your collaboration ^^

      How to change your password

      - Go to the portal of GamesNet

      - Log in

      - Go to the profile page

      - Push edit and from there change the password.

      If, when you try to change the password you get the answer “e-mail gia’ in uso” (e-mail already used) you must change the e.mail to go ahead with the change of the password.

      The password will be updated as soon as you enter with the new password, until then the password will remain the current one.


      Many players use UOGateway to log in. At the start the order of the shards is based on votes, (Many players choose their shard accordino to the votes on this list).

      Why not vote UODreams so we can rise on the list?

      How to vote:

      Simply go to UOGateway, register on the messageboard, download UOGateway, search the list for UODreams, add it to favorites then go to the vote section where you must write the registration data on the messageboard and the server.


      Sto operando...