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Problem with Archers vs Monster

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  • Problem with Archers vs Monster

    Faulty Shots 18-22 Damage instead of 38-41

    Archer is making normal shots, with precast concentrate weapon (Paladin Spell), of constant damage of 38-41 and varies between 38-51 and also every 2/3 shot is making half of the damage like 18-22.

    Tanker Fencer is making normal attack, with precast concentrate weapon (Paladin Spell), of constant damage of 35 and varies between 35-62. Warrior does not have problem with faulty attacks which are half of his normal damage. Only if there is no precast concentrate weapon.

    But here is different situation, the spell is precast and should make constant damage all the time, or sometimes few damage units less, but not like a half less.

    I tested and made sure that weapons i used were physical damage 100% like magical short bow and magekiller leafblade, tested on the same monster.

    I am looking forward hearing any explanation about this.

    This is attached link to my video youtube channel, you can see how that sucks if to be honest.

    Thank you very much.
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