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    Default ★ 15th Anniversary Events ★

    Augurando a Voi tutti, uno splendido 15 Anniversario,

    Vi ricordiamo gli Appuntamenti in game:

    Dal restart del 22 maggio, riceverete nello zaino
    la Bag 15th Anniversary

    Dalle ore 21:30 del 23 Maggio - Quest Anniversary

    Alle ore 21:30 del 24 maggio - Torneo pvp

    Vi aspettiamo...

    Wishing everyone a wonderful 15th Anniversary,

    we remind you of our appointments in game:

    From the restart of May 22nd, you will receive the
    Bag "15th Anniversary" in your backpack

    From 9:30 pm on May 23rd - Quest Anniversary

    At 9:30 pm on May 24th - Tournament pvp

    We are waiting for you...


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