Market Forum Ruleset

Marketplace Forum is a structure that allows buyers and sellers to exchange in-game needs.

Every UODreams player has the right to take part in it.

Everyone must respect those rules.

Who opens a thread proposes a deal. Who answers in a thread answers to the proposed deal.

Everyone must fairly honor his deals as soon as possible.

It's forbidden use euros or any other currency as payment.

Every statement that is not about the thread will not be tolerated.

Every Player is allowed to keep opened a maximum of three thread per section.

Private transactions are not allowed for deal taken on forum.

To specify the sort of transaction, at the beginning of the title must be specified a capital-letter wrote TAG, between square brackets.
TAG must be only one, chosen among the following:

The thread starter (the auctioneer)...
Must always specify what he wants to put in acution and its the starting amount. He must specify a valuation for every object accepted as a payment.
He can specify the minimum amount for the bids, the price at which the object will be suddenly sold without waiting the expiring time (Instant Win) and after how many time since last valid offer the auction will close. If this time is bigger than 7 days the auction will close 24 hours since last valid offer.

The bidder...
Must raise the highest valid offer with the minimum raise specified by the auctioneer, and must have in his bank the required amount of money to cover his offer.
In the auctions is valid the last regular bid.
The auction ends with an Istant Win, or beacause the time since last offer has expired.

Those who sell must specify the sell price, and write the valuations for the items accepted as a payment.

Those who buy must specify a buying price, and accepts the FIRST valid offer posted in the thread, that satisfy the requests wrote in the starting post.
He must write the valuations for every item accepted as a payment.

This kind of thread is used just to specify the presence of an in game vendor.
No deal are accepted.

Those who wants to make an exchange must specify what they offer, and what they are looking for.

In the Auctioneer section only this TAGS can be used and no reply for deals are permitted and is forbidden to write adresses.

Who opens this type of thread must post a link of an Auction System auction.
He can add details to show the properties of the object auctioned.

Who opens this thread asks for a particular object to be auctioned in the Auction System.
Who answers must only post the link to his auction.

In the title must be specified what items are being traded in the thread.
Penalty: 100k fine

The rules of deal must be specified in the first post of the thread.
It is possiblefor the starter of a thread to add or change the rules only if no offer has been made.
When a deal has been accepted, the rules must be honored.

Who answers must clearly specify for what item he's making an offer, the amount of the offers and must specify the value unit.
Who answers in a thread can not ask a deal with somthing not specified in the first post.
Who answers cannot retreat an offer later than 2 hours after the posting time.

In the Market Forum it is posible to reply to a thread only after at least 24 hours since the time of the last post (See the date and time of the post).
This rule is not applied to those who posts a valid offer.
Every non-offer post is considered as an irregular post.
If you want to communicate edit one of your previous posts.
Penalty: 100k fine for any irregular post

Who opens a thread must write in the starting post at the opening time of the thread one of his addresses.
Who answers must contact the thread starter at that address.

A thread is considered closed if it's not updated by the owner since 72h from his last post.
The offers made in a closed thread or invalid are nullified.

Every attempt to misrepresent an in-game auction will void the auction and a minimum punishment of 10 days jail will be applied.

The trade must be fullfilled in 72 hours since the time when the deal is signed, except for private deal.
Those who answer to a thread are due to contact the thread starter, not viceversa.
The reported will be considered guilty, while the reporter will be considered not-guilty because this one showed interest for the trade.
Anyone who posts in an irregular thread will be punished at the same way of the opener of that thread.

For every rule breaking, a minimum fine of 100k will be applied.
Fines above 100k will be discussed between the moderators and the Market Forum Coordinator, and may be reversed in jail days or wipe or ban of the account in special cases.

The maximum fine applicable is always a consequence of the rule violation, the amount of advantages taken, the damage gave, the recidivism of the player.

The Staff has full decisional rights above the cases not listed in this rules, in order to make everything fine for the deal.