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UODreams 6th Slot and Advanced Char

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  • UODreams 6th Slot and Advanced Char

    is proud to present the new improvements for Premium Users

    Indeed, a 6th character slot will be available to all GamesNet Premium Users starting 11.01.2005.

    How does it work?

    At your first login the 6th character slot will be automatically activated, you can use it to create that new character you always wanted but could never fit: a new worker to earn money or sell stuff to other players, a skilled archer, or a powerful wizard…

    It can be used for the entire duration of the Premium Subscription period.
    At the end of the subscription, access to the 6th character slot will be blocked, but never fear: the 6th character will not be deleted, it will only be unavailable until the subscription is renewed.

    Furthermore, after 4 Premium Months you can create one more advanced character! You will be able to challenge your adversaries and show them how powerful you are!

    You will have more flexibility in the game and during your UO adventure on increasing your killing power!

    Enjoy it!!
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