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UOD & GN accounts - FAQ

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  • UOD & GN accounts - FAQ

    does my GN/UOD account decay?

    GamesNet accounts do not decay by themselves. When you subscribe a GamesNet account you sign a contract for a service, just as phone, electricity and so on. Your account will remain active until one of the parts decides to close it. How can it happen? You can cancel it from the website GamesNet usually removes your account when you violate our contract.

    UOD accounts are part of GN, it is not the whole GamesNet account. UOD accounts are automatically deleted if you do not use it for 75 consecutive days.

    can I have 1 forum + 1 game account?

    you cannot have 1 forum account & 1 gaming account. GN users may have just 1 account: the same username is used either for gaming and for forums. If you do not know whether you are using one or two accounts... try logging out from the frum and logging in again

    my account has been stolen!

    1) try to remind if you have ever given your account info to anyone (user & pass): speaking, via ICQ, while playing... If you did, try asking this person.
    2) think again and ask yourself if you put in false data when you registered on GN: in this case, there's nothing you can do.
    3) if your account info is fully private and correct, write to
    saying what your account info are and attaching a copy of your ID.
    Rejetto will make sure that your data is identical to that of the account (userse can't change them), will change your password and email, and will give you your account back

    I've been banned from GN!

    there's no chance of having your account back, sorry

    I put in false data when I signed for the account and now I want to redeem!

    - If you completely invented them you can change them.
    - They must be clearly false. If they look like true, they wont' be changed.
    - the account owner must write an email to, with "Modifica dati" as subject. Inside you'll write your username, your old data and the new one
    - add your ID documents to the mail
    - write the email from your registration email.

    we have a LAN/more than 1 user connects from my PC

    On UOD's homepage you can find a LAN signalation page: if you have a Lan you MUST declare it here

    how can I do it?

    1) Login with one of the Lan accounts: we will refer directly to it.

    2) write in the right places you usernames

    3) Write a description of your Lan I.E.: the first account is of my cat, the secondo of my dog, the third of my hamster... the more details you put in, the more we'll be happy to accept your lan.

    Accepted Lans

    We'll control your data and if your Lan doesn't seem suspect, we'll authorize it, seding you a message, directly in game.

    NOT authorized Lans

    You'll receive a message, directly in game. If your Lan is not accepted, Lan accounts are directly passed under multi or shared account procedure and, if guilty, they will be banned. We will not discuss this.

    NB? If you had already signalled a Lan, please do it again.
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