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Thread: ReV and Drg

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    Quote Originally Posted by popo87 View Post
    Ah ma esiste qualcuno più basso di chicco?
    Bo ma aueid ha i tacchi
    Powered by Lasco

    Nawain Shalwen of Yew [Elves] - Druid 5°
    Vash Noxwave [Elves] - Fencer 5°
    Imryil Xune of Skara Brae [Elves] - Ranger 4°
    Boldor Brugship of Buccaner's Den [Dwarf] - Swordman 5°
    Artz Ankor Jhork Khazaadmor [Dwarf] - Macer 5°
    Rhuk Warshout [Dwarf] - Bard 5°

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    Quote Originally Posted by Awaade View Post
    Organizzando le prossime lamerate autunnali.Un saluto dai due terroni Anbael e Awaade.
    Che è? Vi siete sposati?

    The chain remains, the gang is intact
    The name is mine, I'll take blame for that
    The pressure's on, but guess who ain't gonna crack?
    Ha ha, pardon me, I had to laugh at that
    How could you falter when you're the Rock of Gibraltar?
    I had to get off the boat so I could walk on water
    This ain't no tall order, this is nothin' to me
    Difficult takes a day, impossible takes a week
    I do this in my sleep
    I sold kilos of coke, I'm guessin' I can sell CD's
    I'm not a businessman; I'm a business, man!
    Let me handle my business, damn

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