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13-10-2005, 16:17
Is there a possibility to PEACE bosses in the gauntlet?
I cannot peace even BONE DEAMON... the boss that You get the skull from....

according to uo.stratics.com I should be able to PEACE... Bone Deamon and some other monsters in the gauntlet...
I have 120 Music and 116.9 Peace using for example DEAMON SLAYER instrument to peace bone deamon...

or other slayer instrument according to monster....
but as a result I get the response...


please post me the answer is there a possibility to PEACE or no... any monster BOSS in Doom

13-10-2005, 17:34
Funny - me and Goodfella were having this conversation last night, and we both remember a legendary peacer (120 music + 120 peace) who was able to peace the doom bosses.

Are you raising to 120 by the way?
I would like to know your results if you do - good luck!

13-10-2005, 18:16
I think the answer may lie in area peace and not target peace....just to add my 10$! Don't forget though - area peace = you peace everyone and then when they come out you got everything targetting you......!

Also note - currently Goodfella is my first char that uses peacing so I am a little novice to the whole thing - but I must say I was under the same impression that stratics gives that you are able to peace the bone demon and some of the other Doom bosses.....

14-10-2005, 19:28
I think peace/music 120/120 will not help. I think bosses are not peaceable.

15-10-2005, 18:19
One thing I will add which is how barding works and potentials (Just for those that didn't know).

Your peacemaking ability is basically this formula:

Musicianship + Peacemaking / 2 = Barding skill

EG - 110 + 120 / 2 = 115

Obviously you can always add discord to the mix as you can discord and then peace directly after to maximum effect (There is no timer applied between the use of discord and then peace). This will drop the resists of the target and also the difficulty to peace in effect giving you a better chance to peace. This is why a discord-peacer are a good combo for a tamer/vet with no fighting skill as it helps your pet to do more damage and also take less damage. And to any fighter - well you can imagine what you can do with it.

**Final Note**
Don't also forget the bonuses you get from slayer instruments and exceptionally made instruments to your peace ability....

Check out stratics for more detailed info - I have just scratched the surface here:


15-10-2005, 21:22
Originally posted by Olympia
I think peace/music 120/120 will not help. I think bosses are not peaceable.

15-10-2005, 21:42
Originally posted by Doomtrooper

quote: Originally posted by Olympia
I think peace/music 120/120 will not help. I think bosses are not peaceable.

Anyone got proof either way?

15-10-2005, 22:28
I think 100% conclusive proof can come from one place - and I don't see no horses around here!!

No seriously - can anyone enlighten us as I am unsure on this one too.....

16-10-2005, 13:15
Iv heard something that there is new update released what allows you to peace doom bosses at 0si.. Dont know how much skill it reguires though o.@

17-10-2005, 10:33
according to stratics... BARDING DIFFICULTY for Doom Bosses is 160.0

having 120/120 music/peace and a slayer instrument... You should have 30% chance of peacing... BUT THIS IS NOT TRUE ON UODREAMS... ;(((

17-10-2005, 22:48
? (120 + 120) / 2 = 120 + slayer instrument (20%) so there would be 140% barding skill, and it requires 160.

ANY monster with 160.0 barding difficulty CANNOT be directly peaced NOR area peaced. They cant even be the first target to provoke.

The Abyssmal Horror.

Barding Difficulty: 160
Barding Notes: Cannot be first target of a provoke attempt.
Cannot be area peaced.

Taken directly from uo.stratics. They CANNOT be peaced, otherwise it would be too easy to kill them.. Think, 2 bards with discord & peace + their pets = insane.

18-10-2005, 15:40
I was using STRATICS barding calculator.... to see if I hae possibility to PEACE the beasts...

according to the calculator... I have 30% chance....

but Alezi as You said... it would be too easy...

20-10-2005, 03:39
the fact of the matter is that uo.stratics is totaly outdated and there is that 30% on bosses for a long long long time on stratics..

and it was never like this on runuo and i dont know if ever will depends on Devs , what i do know is that disco works on some of the bosses like the fleshrender but being bard isn't of the best skills in guantlet :)